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Calcium Supplements


Calcium is one the most essential minerals needed by your body.  It is found mostly in your bones and teeth.  Calcium holds very important jobs in your body such as helping your muscles contract, helping your blood to clot and assisting with nerve conduction.  


When the level of calcium in your body drop below where they should you feel it all over.  As a result, your body starts taking it from your bones and to put it back in the blood steam to keep your blood within the normal calcium ranges needed to for proper body function.  This is why consuming enough calcium in your diet is so important to keep both your bones and blood healthy and your body strong.


The overuse of calcium however can also be very dangerous for you.  So it is very important that when using calcium supplements that you follow the intake guidelines very carefully.  If you are ever unsure of the correct amount that you should be taking it is always advised that you seek professional medical advice.  You can do this through either your regular doctor, or an alternative doctor trained specifically in naturopathic healing that works heavily with herbs and supplements and things of that nature. 


Though the best way to get the calcium your body needs is always by eating healthy foods that contain it. Foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese and dark green leafy vegetables, are just a few good sources to get it from your diet.  Getting enough calcium this way is not always easy for people to do however.  Especially if you have a condition such as lactose intolerance, as most of the best foods containing calcium are the dairy products.  So for many, calcium supplements can be just what you need to fill the gap your diet may be leaving.  Below is included just a few of those recommended guidelines for using calcium supplements, to help make sure you are getting the correct amount that your body needs.


For the sake of keeping the guide simple, the guide is set in milligrams needed per day, per age group.  Now keep in mind these are just general recommendations and you should always consult a doctor for recommendations to meet your specific needs.  Taking too much calcium can dramatically increase your risk for heart attack and heart problems, so finding out what is right for you is very important.


For adult women over 51 years old it is suggested that you take around 1,200 mg daily.  For men the number is slightly lower, 1,000 mg, until you reach 70, then it is the same.  All adults between 19 and 50 years of age the recommended amount is 1,000 mg daily.  For anyone younger than 18 you should consult your child’s pediatrician for guidelines.

Calcium Supplements

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