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With more than 500 quality UK and EU regulated and tested safe brands you are assured of genuine health and beauty products and proteins powders.

Some of the brands we stock for General Health related problems, Slimming, Mother Care and Beauty are: 

A Vogel, Aloe Dent, AccelaWhite, Api-ar, BetterYou, Biocare, Comvita, Health Perception, ImmiFlex, LifePlan, Pharma Nord, Pukka Herbs, Weleda, Slender, Shapesmart, Viabiotics, Green Baby, Organic Baby, Seven Seas and our very own UK manufactured range; Hawthorn Health Vitamins and Supplements.

Always read the product directions before use. Do not exceed the recommended intake. As with other food supplements seek professional advice before using if you suffer from food allergies, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if your have an underlying medical condition, or if on medication. Vitamin supplements are not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Food supplements must not replace a balanced and varied diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Employees of Hawthorn Health do not offer any medical or nutritional advice. If you have any medical conditions or ailments please seek proper medical advice from your doctor.

Always Read the Label before starting any course or treatment.

Health News
23rd February 2016
Introduction Launched in 2001, Method was conceived by two former roommates to offer eco-friendly... read more ›
2nd February 2016
For centuries, vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. It is also an ancie... read more ›
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13th May 2014
Super Service
Fast delivery, goods were well packaged. Great service all round.... read more ›
1st May 2014
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery - Very happy with this service 10/10... read more ›
24th April 2014
Helpful Customer Service
Wanted to change a product in my order to a different one. My query was responded to straight away and order was updated without any problems. Will be... read more ›
23rd April 2014
Very Fast Delivery
Superfast delivery, thanks!... read more ›
9th April 2014
Gluten Free
Huge range of gluten free products. Its difficult to find these products in supermarkets so will be placing orders regularly. Thanks!... read more ›
4th April 2014
Ordered my gels on Thursday for my marathon tomorrow. They arrived next day as requested. Brilliant service and will be back to place another order ve... read more ›
27th March 2014
Easy to use site, great customer service & fast delivery!... read more ›
21st January 2014
Tints of Nature Highlighting kit
Great value for money, decided to go with a change and decided to buy the  highlighting kit which i was very pleased with! would recommend! 5/5... read more ›
21st January 2014
Science in sport Go + Caffiene Berry Gel
Really pleased with this product! Very effective and defiantly felt the difference when playing football! ... read more ›
7th January 2014
Great Prices!
Very good site with great prices & fast delivery 5/5... read more ›
3rd January 2014
Great Supplement Prices
Great site, has all of the supplements I take and at great prices. Far cheaper than high street shops!... read more ›
22nd November 2013
Fast Delivery
Great service, very fast delivery.... read more ›
8th November 2013
Own Brand
Cheap and effective own brand products. Ill be back again in the near future to make another purchase... read more ›
30th September 2013
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery 5/5... read more ›
25th September 2013
Cheap Prices & Fast Delivery
Cheap prices & Fast Delivery. Will be returning again for another order very soon!... read more ›
13th September 2013
Very Cheap
Very cheap prices right across the site. Particularly keen on the own brand products.... read more ›
9th September 2013
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery. 5 stars... read more ›
3rd September 2013
Own Brand
Very good own brand range. Big fan of both Acai Berry and Green Tea. At cheap prices too... read more ›
2nd September 2013
Great Savings!
Saved a lot of money on my order, the products i bought would have cost be €10 - €20 on the high street.... read more ›
26th August 2013
Very Good Range
Great range of products and fast delivery. Looking forward to doing more business with this site.... read more ›
12th August 2013
Quality Service!
Happy to see that the next day delivery option is now available on the site. Placed my order early on a Wednesday morning and was with me by the Thurs... read more ›
5th August 2013
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery & goods were well packaged! 5/5 ... read more ›
31st July 2013
Delivery Early Than Expected
Fast Delivery, arrived in time for my marathon. Will be back again in the near future!... read more ›
29th July 2013
High Discounts
High discounts right across the food range, quite a lot of items are even cheaper than in supermarkets.... read more ›
19th July 2013
Fast Delivery & Great Service!... read more ›
16th July 2013
Vegan products
Excellent range of organic and vegan products and the prices were great. Will definitely be returning... read more ›
10th July 2013
Food Range
Very good food range on the sites. Contains a lot of items that you can't buy in your local supermarket.... read more ›
8th July 2013
Power Bars & Gels
Very good power gel/ power bar range. Ordered them 3 days before my marathon and they arrived on time. Great Service.... read more ›
5th July 2013
Fast Delivery
Items arrived 2 days after ordering them. 5/5 Service... read more ›
4th July 2013
Cheap Prices
Great prices right across the site especially on the grenade and usn range!... read more ›
3rd July 2013
Quick Delivery
Quick delivery and great customer service... read more ›
17th June 2013
Own Brand
The Hawthorn health own brand range is excellent. I have used both the sea kelp and cod liver oil tablets. Both are very effective and are at a cheap ... read more ›
13th June 2013
Baby Care
Very good baby care range. Had everything I needed!... read more ›
10th June 2013
Impressive Service
Not only were the products I ordered cheap but they arrived with me two days after they were ordered. Very Impressive Service... read more ›
7th June 2013
Food & Drink
The food & drink range on the site is excellent. Has a lot of products that you can't get in the supermarkets. Will be back again to place an orde... read more ›
3rd June 2013
Hawthorn Health Own Brand
I have purchased the Hawthorn Health own brand magnesium twice now and am very pleased with this product. Its cheap and in my opinion does a better jo... read more ›
27th May 2013
Great Service
Ordered my product on Wednesday and had it by the Friday. Fast delivery and cheap prices!... read more ›
24th May 2013
Ordered USN - IGF-1 and it took two days to arrive. Cheap compared to most sites. Thanks for the great service. Will be back to make another purchase ... read more ›
23rd May 2013
Cheap PHD range. As a first time buyer from this site i was expecting an efficient service. Fortunately my expectations were met. Will be back to ma... read more ›
23rd May 2013
Herbs Range
The herbs and natural health range had everything i was looking for. When the products i bought run out i will definitely be back to make a new purcha... read more ›
21st May 2013
Food & Drink Range
The food and drink range is brilliant. Has a lot of products you cant get in the shops and are offered at quite low prices. Placed an order over £50 ... read more ›
20th May 2013
First Time Buyer
Placed my first order on this site on Thursday and had my items the Monday after. Cheaper than everywhere else i checked on the internet and a fast ... read more ›
17th May 2013
Good Service
Easy to use website with great prices and quick delivery. Will definitely be placing another order in the near future. 5/5... read more ›
16th May 2013
Great Prices
Went looking for 1 particular item, ended up buying 5. Brilliant site with great prices.... read more ›
15th May 2013
Fast Delivery
Fast delivery, order this item on Monday and it was here today. Quality Service!  ... read more ›
5th May 2013
Great Product Range
I use to have to order my items from the UK as I couldn't find them in Ireland, saves me a fortune on shipping costs. Great service ... read more ›
5th May 2013
Sea Kelp
Love the Sea Kelp capsules, I take them every morning now.... read more ›
4th June 2012
Ive got a pack of both Cherry and Almond and Chocolate Orange. Both of which are easily the nicest protein bars ive had, ive tried a few other brands... read more ›